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Creators expressly represent and warrant that their digital artwork listed on ArtCollectingSpace contains only original content otherwise authorized for use by the Creator, and does not contain unlicensed or unauthorized copyrighted content.




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Copyright of digital artworks belong to Creator of this digital artwork. The material published on ArtCollectingSpace is the intellectual property of the Creator, it is protected by international copyright law.



Ultra-contemporary art

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ArtCollectingSpace NFT dApp created to share ultra-contemporary art and collectibles. Ultra-contemporary art is the fastest-growing segment of the art market.



Results of the Ultra-Contemporary Art NFT auction

On New Year’s Eve, the world’s first NFT auction of ultra-contemporary art was held. More than $ 4000 in dollar equivalent was earned by the users of the ArtCollecting.Space NFT dApp on the Tezos blockchain, on ArtCollecting.Info website and on the Ultracontemporary.Art website.

The headliner of the auction were Daria Panfilova & Fernand Clarke (Russia – Canada), their work of digital art sold for 100 XTZ ($ 473 on the day of the post-release preparation). Other participants’ winning bets were 10 – 20 XTZ ($ 47 – $ 100) with starting prices of 5 – 10 XTZ ($ 23 – $ 47). Digital art from the Art Collecting Foundation’s collection, assembled in the spring of 2021, went to the secondary market on Ultracontemporary.Art for 10 – 250 XTZ ($ 47 – $ 1185).

Marina Nadeeva, founder of the NFT dApp ArtCollectingSpace: «Our dApp was launched on December 13, 2021 on Tezos blockchain. It was created for ultra-contemporary art auctions. Ultra-contemporary art is the fastest growing segment of the art market. The results of the world’s first Ultra-Contemporary Art Auction, which was held on New Year’s Eve, showed that we are going in the right direction. All works that were presented at the auction are tokenized according to the FA2 standard on the Tezos blockchain. NFT owners will be able to show their collections in the metaverse, on VR, AR, XR, MR platforms or in projects on wide screens».

Daria Panfilova: Ultra Contemporary Art Auction headliner: «I create art works about the Arctic and design interfaces. Recently, I decided not to separate these areas anymore, but to do projects at the intersection of disciplines. The artwork presented at the auction is called Polarity_Touch. It is about a break in space, through which one can see the seething life, the vital energy hidden behind the tranquility of the tundra. It’s difficult to distinguish animal spirits for a short moment appear through the distorted space. I believe that ultra-modern art should be free and forward-looking. In my opinion, this is a space for visionaries and collaborations of artists of different directions, for joining efforts. The pandemic has shown how interconnected we are».

The next curated auctions to be held on ArtCollectingSpace: JPEGs Forever (tokenized illustrations, memes), Ballet (exclusive videos of creative teams and theater companies).

The decentralized ArtCollecting.Space application can be used to publish digital copies of art and collectibles that exist in the physical world. Affiliated experts in cultural property will verify the authenticity, provenance and certify the results of the examination with their electronic signature. A digital signature hash may be included in the NFT description.

For the release in ArtCollecting.Space, digital copies of the circulated works of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, as well as their own NFT-series Homo Virtualis are being prepared: the largest collectors of ultra-modern art, who have invested more than $ 100,000 in it, will become the owners of tokens from this series.

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