15 best tools to create NFT-art

Do you plan to post your artwork on NFT-platforms? Then find out with what tools you can create them. We have selected the 20 best programs and applications that are easy to work with even for beginners.


Blender is a public project hosted on blender.org, owned by its contributors. For that reason Blender is free and open source software, forever. What you create with Blender is your sole property. All your artwork – images or movie files – including the .blend files and other data files Blender can write, is free for you to use as you like. That means that Blender can be used commercially by artists, by studios to make animation films or VFX, by game artists to work on commercial games, by scientists for research, and by students in educational institutions.


ruDALL-E is a neural network to create images. You can write a text query and get an AI-generated image. Image generation solves two important problems that cannot be solved by information retrieval: it allows you to take into account the exact description of what you want; it creates an original image that did not exist before. Image generation can be used, for example, for article illustration, in copywriting or advertising. Creators of ruDALL-E published app «Salute» for fast and good quality of image generation. ruDALL-E’s bot is available in Telegram. This neural network has gained immense popularity in the NFT community. According to our data, more than 10,000 created with ruDALL-E.

Wombo Dream

Wombo Dream is AI powered artwork tool. Enter a prompt, pick an art style and watch WOMBO Dream turn your idea into an AI-powered painting in seconds.


Pixilart is a social platform for all ages. You can create beautiful art and share with the Pixilart community.

Pixel Art Maker

Pixel Art Maker is a drawing tool for pixel art like 8-bit retro games. You will be able to draw pixel art right after launching the application. Photo pixelization function available. It is possible to create animated pixel art.


Movepic brings fabulous photos and gifs into your social life. With various animated effects and beautiful filters, it is the most creative way to show your loop photos, and the best tool for you to be a photo editor and video editor which will help you make the unique live wallpapers in the social medias.


Fotor’s NFT creator GoART turns your photos into digital artworks. Create NFT artworks in a snap with the Fotor-NFT Creator – GoArt, make your standard images into NFTs. No any skills required.

EZ Glitch

3D Glitch Video & Photo Effects is the easiest app to add glitch-art effects to your videos, photos in just a few taps. It offers amazing aesthetic glitch art FX and other 3D, trippy, vaporwave & VHS effects, you can turn your plain video or photo into a unique art. You can select photos or videos from your gallery or capture directly from the phone’s camera to transform to a glitch art video clip, photo or animated GIF. EZGlitch is also a greate GIF Maker to create artistic animated GIFs or video clips from any picture. More than 80 Aesthetic trippy, VHS, glitch, vaporwave, pixel, 3D effects and filters ready for your creativity, to distort and mess up photos and videos.

NFT Creator

NFT creator is the simplest app to turn your pictures into crypto art. With just a few taps, you can create your own crypto art and sell it on various marketplaces.100+ art filters to turn your picture into instant art, 1000+ fonts to add text to your picture, 100+ crypto art graphics, possibility to import your own photo, 1000+ backgrounds to customize your NFT artwork and many many more.


Deep tech mobile product that unlock creativity for everyone. The initial idea of SketchAR came about in June 2012. But the time wasn’t right to launch an augmented reality product for mobile devices. Only five years later, in April 2017, the application hit the market. It has revolutionized the AR product industry as a successful use case of AR to improve human skills and create something beautiful in the real world. Moreover, the SketchAR team succeeded in developing a patented computer vision tracking system for flat surfaces, such as white paper or walls.

Fotor NFT Creator

Easily create amazing NFT artworks in minutes with the Fotor-NFT Creator. Empower your unique digital arts with photos with crypto and become a crypto artist. Upload your image, mix in your favorite art effect style, and our AI NFT maker will automatically create NFT artwork for you. You will be amazed by the results soon after. There’s no coding required at all. Create your own layers, import your own assets, click “Create,” and marvel at what you’ve created!

Hotpot AI Art Maker

Turn your imagination into art. Powered by the latest technology, this AI creates art and images based on simple text instructions.For custom styles, be specific. For instance, “Oil painting of water lilies with vibrant brushstrokes using a happy color palette” is better than “lily flowers”.

PaintStorm Studio

Paintstorm Studio is an indispensable tool for artists, created for works of any complexity, genre and technique. The goal of the founders was to create an intuitive, simple-to-use but at the same time functionally powerful tool that brings the process of digital painting to a new level, making it as comfortable as possible.


Veed.Io is an online video editing platform that makes creating videos easy and accessible to everyone. It is designed to make producing short-form video content simple. The editor is an easy way to create stunning videos, add subtitles, and grow an audience. It was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in London, England.


The leading software that allows you to create, rig, and animate your own voxel-based NFTs. From beginners to experts, anyone can make amazing creations thanks to our robust set of tools and our user-friendly interface.

ArtCollecting.Space announces star jury of the 1st prize for NFT creators

ArtCollecting.Space announces star jury of the 1st prize for NFT creators, Ultra-Contemporary Art Prize. The jury included curators of international biennales of contemporary art, experts with experience in major museums, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, influencers of the blockchain market.

Ultra-contemporary art is the fastest-growing segment of the art market. Art and NFT collectors buy ultra-contemporary artworks to display in the metaverses, on VR, AR, XR, MR platforms, store on digital devices or project on wide screens. The jury members will select the best artworks tokenized in ArtCollecting.Space NFT dap available on Tezos blockchain.

The jury included:

Bernhard Boehler, a renowned art historian and art advisor with a proven track record as a museum professional. He has fifteen years of international work experience in fine art museums including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Cathedral & Diocesan Museum in Vienna, where he served as director and curator.

Alexandre Gurita, director of the Biennale de Paris and ENDA (Ecole nationale d’art).

Dorothy Di Stefano, Festival ART™ director, The NFT Xperience!™ City Art Festival (Global); visual arts advisor, Ministry of Culture (Saudi Arabia).

Amy Tom, an editor at HackerNoon and the host of The HackerNoon Podcast and The Art Hustlers’ Studio.

Susanne Chishti, CEO & founder FINTECH Circle, investor, bestselling editor The FINTECH Book Series, NED Crown Agents Bank and NED at several other fintech firms.

Vit Jedlicka, president of Liberland.

Flávio Carvalho, TEDx Speaker, Embassy Leader The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale, Art Director G/PAC Comunicação Integrada.

Prasanna Lohar, digital architect, banker, influencer, team builder, mentor; DCB Bank, vice president technology (digital , innovation & architecture).

Arijit Bhattacharyya, angel investor, TEDx speaker, founder of the World Leader Summit.

Tanja Bivic Plankar, the president of Blockchain Alliance Europe.

The full list of the jury will be presented on the Prize website.

The NFT creators will be awarded in 3 nominations: Selection of the Jury, Collectors Choice and Creators Choice.

Marina Nadeeva, founder of the NFT dApp ArtCollectingSpace: «Our dApp was launched on December 13, 2021 on Tezos blockchain. It was created for ultra-contemporary art auctions. The results of the world’s first Ultra-Contemporary Art Auction, which was held on New Year’s Eve, showed that we are going in the right direction. All works that were presented at the auction are tokenized according to the FA2 standard on the Tezos blockchain. We continue to work on involving artists in the field of blockchain. Our goal is not only to open up new markets, but also to show a wide audience what cutting-edge art is. We expect over 10 million people to see the nominees’ work».

NFT dApp: https://artcollecting.space

Landing page of Ultra-Contemporary Art Prize https://ultracontemporary.art

Results of the Ultra-Contemporary Art NFT auction

On New Year’s Eve, the world’s first NFT auction of ultra-contemporary art was held. More than $ 4000 in dollar equivalent was earned by the users of the ArtCollecting.Space NFT dApp on the Tezos blockchain, on ArtCollecting.Info website and on the Ultracontemporary.Art website.

The headliner of the auction were Daria Panfilova & Fernand Clarke (Russia – Canada), their work of digital art sold for 100 XTZ ($ 473 on the day of the post-release preparation). Other participants’ winning bets were 10 – 20 XTZ ($ 47 – $ 100) with starting prices of 5 – 10 XTZ ($ 23 – $ 47). Digital art from the Art Collecting Foundation’s collection, assembled in the spring of 2021, went to the secondary market on Ultracontemporary.Art for 10 – 250 XTZ ($ 47 – $ 1185).

Marina Nadeeva, founder of the NFT dApp ArtCollectingSpace: «Our dApp was launched on December 13, 2021 on Tezos blockchain. It was created for ultra-contemporary art auctions. Ultra-contemporary art is the fastest growing segment of the art market. The results of the world’s first Ultra-Contemporary Art Auction, which was held on New Year’s Eve, showed that we are going in the right direction. All works that were presented at the auction are tokenized according to the FA2 standard on the Tezos blockchain. NFT owners will be able to show their collections in the metaverse, on VR, AR, XR, MR platforms or in projects on wide screens».

Daria Panfilova: Ultra Contemporary Art Auction headliner: «I create art works about the Arctic and design interfaces. Recently, I decided not to separate these areas anymore, but to do projects at the intersection of disciplines. The artwork presented at the auction is called Polarity_Touch. It is about a break in space, through which one can see the seething life, the vital energy hidden behind the tranquility of the tundra. It’s difficult to distinguish animal spirits for a short moment appear through the distorted space. I believe that ultra-modern art should be free and forward-looking. In my opinion, this is a space for visionaries and collaborations of artists of different directions, for joining efforts. The pandemic has shown how interconnected we are».

The next curated auctions to be held on ArtCollectingSpace: JPEGs Forever (tokenized illustrations, memes), Ballet (exclusive videos of creative teams and theater companies).

The decentralized ArtCollecting.Space application can be used to publish digital copies of art and collectibles that exist in the physical world. Affiliated experts in cultural property will verify the authenticity, provenance and certify the results of the examination with their electronic signature. A digital signature hash may be included in the NFT description.

For the release in ArtCollecting.Space, digital copies of the circulated works of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, as well as their own NFT-series Homo Virtualis are being prepared: the largest collectors of ultra-modern art, who have invested more than $ 100,000 in it, will become the owners of tokens from this series.

ArtCollecting.Space NFT dApp – on Tezos blockchain

ArtCollectingSpace NFT dApp created to share ultra-contemporary art and collectibles. Ultra-contemporary art is the fastest-growing segment of the art market. The founders of the platform prepare the world’s first curated auction of ultra-contemporary art to present it to collectors from all over the world. The owners will be able to display ultra-contemporary art in metaverses, on VR, AR, XR, MR platforms or project on wide screens.

The decentralized application can also be used to publish digital copies of art and collectibles that exist in the physical world. Affiliated experts will check the provenance and certify the results of the examination with their digital signature; the hash of the digital signature can be included in the description.

Marina Nadeeva, Founder of ArtCollecting.Space: “We’ve launched new NFT platform on the Tezos blockchain. We have over 100 tokenized digital artworks in our own collection from different countries: Russia, Brazil, India, the USA… Some artists have been represented at prestigious fairs such as Art Basel and FRIZE. Some have worked for world famous brands or games. Some have just started their careers. We descided to diversify our collection and put to the auction the best artworks purchaised before. The next goal is to support early adopters of our own NFT dApp. We attracted talanted artists and musicians to share their artworks on the auction to top NFT collectors from all over the world”.

Among the participants of Ultra-ContemporaryArt Auction are:

Lika Gomiashvili. Lika graduated British Higher School of Art and Design, ICA Moscow, BASA Institute and MISIS. Exhibited in Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Ilia Kabakov’s Studio, in Open Studios in Winzavod, Ekaterina Foundation, participated in Postindustrial APXINALLE – NCCA Ural, The 7th International Public Art Festival “Art Prospect”, The VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Within Copenhagen Art Week, 1st CURATORIAL FORUM in St.Petersburg Street Art Museum and many other projects.

Daria Panfilova. Daria lives and works between Moscow and Sydney. Actively exhibited in Moscow, Los Angeles and Europe. In her work, she explores the theme of the Arctic, the interaction of art with digital technologies, and the cultural codes of different eras. Included in the in ART top 100 young artists rating, best contemporary artists of Russia (ARTEEX). Graduated Chernyshevsky state University, The Academy of arts, British Higher school of art and Design, Barcelona Academy. Collective exhibitions: Artsummer – New Tretyakov Gallery – Moscow (2021), S E L E C T I O N Art Show-Los Angeles (2019), Environmental practices through the eyes of artists-Barcelona (Art residency, 2013), Faces of Europe-Madrid (Art residency, 2011), Cultural patterns-Paris (Art residence, 2009).

Giovanni De Benedetto. Self-taught photographer, Giovanni De Benedetto is a klecksography artist based in Berlin, Germany. In 2019, PREMATURE has been chosen by fair director Cristina Salmastrelli to be exhibited at the prestigious PULSE Art Fair in Miami Beach during the Miami Art Week as part of The Next Generation of artists in the contemporary panorama. In 2020 he started to work together with the art dealer Matteo Sormani, CEO of Art-Preview, where an exclusive PREMATURE exhibition is on view on Artsy Viewing Room until December 18th. During the last years, Giovanni gained several recognitions for his work PREMATURE, winning Honorable Mentions in the IPA – Int’l Photography Awards, in the PX3 – Prix de la Photografie Paris, in the Neutral Density Awards and a Nominee in the 15th Annual Black & White Spider Awards. His work is published in several blogs and magazines like Inside Art Magazine, Art Market Magazine, Dodho, My Art Is Real and Al-Tiba9 Magazine.

Jonas Kasper Jensen. Jonas Kasper is a visual artist based in Copenhagen. He works in the intersection of digital art, NFT art, painting and sound art. In his work he processes ideas about blockchain technology, fluid gender roles and the notion of change. He studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts 2012, Copenhagen and at Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main 2011. He writes on NFT´s and art for the online magazine The Tokenizer. He has been teaching at IT University Copenhagen (2020), Kunstcubator (2019-now), FELT (2019-now) The Royal Danish Academy of fine art (2017), Chung-Ang University in Seoul (2016), Rat School of art in Seoul (2016), Krabbesholm Højskole (2015-2016 and 2018), Huset for kunst og design Holstebro (2016 and 2017) and Trondheim academy of fine art (2015).

Marina Nadeeva: “As we’re attracting artists on ArtCollecting.Space dApp or building our own collection, we come across tokenized digital artworks by artists who have exhibited at The Armory Show, Art Basel, Art Basel Miami Beach, PULSE Miami and Paris Photo, as well as meet young artists who just started their careers. Our goal is to build bridges between the art market and the high-tech market, to show new ways of collecting digital artworks”.

Among the artists, whose NFTs were purchaised be the Art Collecting’s team on the other Tezos NFT platforms:

Kevin Romond. Kevin is a widely recognized industry expert and artist in virtual production, performance capture, animation, and visual effects. He comes from a senior position at Weta Digital with 21 years of experience producing computer generated visual effects for feature films. His credits include King Kong (2005), Avatar (2009), Avengers (2012), The Hobbit series, and many others. Currently Director of the Miramar Creative Centre and Senior Lecturer in Animation and Visual Effects. He has a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Shinichi Maruyama. Shinichi Maruyama exemplifies the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi–the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. In his work, he captures the underlying principle of energetic interactions between forms. The artist first started halting the passage of time through images of suspended liquids forms intending to collide in mid-air. Shinichi was exhibited on The Armory Show, New York; Art Basel 44, Basel; Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami; Paris Photo, Paris; AIPAD, Miami; PULSE Miami; The International Show, New York.

Baghavan Kushnadas. Kushnadas is a producer of music and art since late 1980s and for the last 30 years, has continually worked with numerous artists to create media content such as music videos, improvisational live music, sound engineering. His artwork is created in Blender 3D, After Effects, Vegas Video, Cubase 11 and Ableton Live.

Oliver Sin. Sin’ work first came to international attention after his collaboration with Fibenare Guitars Co., when they made the Fibenare – Oliver Sin Collaboration Guitar in 2012. He made the cover of Guitar Connoisseur Magazine (in New York, USA) in 2013. Sin was exhibited in Bakelit Multi Art Center and City Gallery (Hungary). His works of art were represented on the International Biennial Of Young Artists Erzsébetliget (Hungary) and Central Elements Cambridge Science Festival.

Mamadou Sow. Mamadou belongs to the first generation of the digital natives artists who started their career at the beginning of the twentieth first century and challenged to use the Internet as a medium to create an art work in a JPEG format. Sow’s artistic method is based on the principle of the critical reinvestigation of the existed analog visual information and its contextualization within the discourse of the virtual reality. Sow examines the issues of the intense changes occurring in the contemporary society and culture under the influence of politics, popular culture and the growing power of the Internet. He works with a different media including photography, digital graphics, and experimental sculpture as well as developing design concepts for fashion and advertising.

Mamadou’s artworks were exhibited in STAR Artist Residency (New Jersey), Kunstverein KÖlnberg (Cologne), 21Galerie (Cologne), Nevertheless Gallery (Cologne).

Sam Burton. Designer, artist. Sam’s select clients: Google, Converse, BBC, Visa, Nickelodeon, Cadburys, Bombay Sapphire, Specsavers, French Connection, Volvo.

Mike Neff. Michael is an artist, designer, and photographer living and working in San Francisco, California. He is known for The Night Shadow, an ongoing project in which he outlines shadows with chalk and photographs the result, and Suspended Forest, where he collects discarded Christmas trees and installs them in public spaces. Neff is Editor in Chief of NSFW Magazine, co-published with photographer and writer Mark Velasquez. He is also an alumnus of the Rhode Island School of Design and currently serves as Vice President of the RISD Alumni Council.

Carlos Pedreañez. Carlos develops visual projects linking experiences through different paths: visual arts, art installations, sets, video installations, music videos and projections mapped in real time (VJing) in musical and theatrical performances. Between 2012 and 2015, he conceived the video set and acted as “VJ” on the 7vidas tour of singer-songwriter Pitty, one of the most popular artists in Brazil. With Marcelo Jeneci, he produced the audio-interactive live for the show on the album “De Graça.” In the last two years he has worked with the Pernambuco singer and composer Otto, and with the future-jazz group Lavoura, which he has been part of since 2014. He recently performed animations for Estúdio BijaRi, which won the Shell Theater Award 2017 in the category “Best scenario” with the show “Adeus, Clowns Mortos!”. In the art collective La Tintota, with designer and set designer Leo Ceolin and architect Flávio Lima, he created scenographic projects for the operas “Tristão e Isolda” by Richard Wagner and “Samson et Dalila” by Camille Saint-Saëns – at XIII Amazonas Opera Festival, and “Lulú”, by Alban Berg – at the XVI Amazonas Opera Festival.

The Art Collecting team continues to expand its own collection and invite art dealers and collectors who are interested in the development of the NFT market to the platform.

Marina Nadeeva, CEO of Art Collecting: “Choosing NFTs for themselves, the platforms users are often guided by the choice of top collectors, art dealers and curators. I support the idea of network archeology, I want to abandon curatorial selection and give everyone access to the platform. Freedom of choice is the main driving force of contemporary art. At the same time, users will be able to access collections and curatorial selections of professionals”.

NFT dApp: https://artcollecting.space

Landing page of Ultra-Contemporary Art Auction (will be launched 31.12.2021): https://ultracontemporary.art