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Creators expressly represent and warrant that their digital artwork listed on ArtCollectingSpace contains only original content otherwise authorized for use by the Creator, and does not contain unlicensed or unauthorized copyrighted content.




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Ultra-contemporary art

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ArtCollectingSpace NFT dApp created to share ultra-contemporary art and collectibles. Ultra-contemporary art is the fastest-growing segment of the art market.



Blockchain development: free materials and courses

Ethereum.Org: Learn Hub

Free educational guide to the world of Ethereum. Learn how Ethereum works and how to connect to it. This page includes technical and non-technical articles, guides, and resources.


Learn Solidity, blockchain, and smart contracts in a free 16-hour course. What is a blockchain? Making your first transaction. How do blockchains work? Consensus. Miscellaneous. Solidity Documentation. Remix. Basic Solidity. Deploying to a “Live” network. Inheritance, factory pattern, and interacting with external contracts. Chainlink oracles. Importing from NPM and advanced Solidity. Installing VSCode, Python, and Web3. First Python script with Deploying a Contract. Interacting with contract in Python & Brownie Introduction. Installing Brownie. Brownie simple storage project. Testing basics. Dependencies, deploying, and networks. Funding and withdrawing Python scripts. Testing across networks. Git. Lottery.sol. ERC20s, EIPs, token standards. Defi & Aave. Defi intro. Aave UI. Programmatic interactions with Aave. Simple NFT. SimpleCollectible Testing. Advanced NFT. Advanced deploy_and_create. Creating Metadata & IPFS. Introduction to upgrading smart contracts. Upgrades-mix and code. Testing upgrades. Upgrades on a testnet. Defi stake Yield Brownie scripts & tests. Testing our defi stake Yield Brownie Dapp. Front End / Full Stack.

Tezos Ukraine

Learn about Tezos protocol and smart-contract development with Tezos Ukraine team’s articles and video tutorials. They are helpful for both professional developers and Tezos users.

Codies Alert

If you are just starting with your WEB 3.0 Journey, this is a Perfect course for you to understand how exactly WEB3 works. After the end of this course will have complete knowledge of Solidity language and also you will learn how to create and deploy Dapps on Ethereum Virtual machine.


Aggregator of free courses on blockchain development.

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