Art Collecting Space dApp

ATTENTION: We are working on a way to transfer the right to manage the decentralized application to the community and launch the DAO.

ArtCollectingSpace NFT dApp created to share ultra-contemporary art and collectibles. Ultra-contemporary art is the fastest-growing segment of the art market. We will be holding the world’s first auction to present it to collectors from all over the world.You will be able to display ultra-contemporary art in the metaverse, on VR, AR, XR, MR platforms, store on digital devices or project on wide screens.

The decentralized application can also be used to publish digital copies of art and collectibles that exist in the physical world. Affiliated experts will check the provenance and certify the results of the examination with their digital signature; the hash of the digital signature can be included in the description.

ArtCollectingSpace NFT dApp works on Tezos blockchain.

Founder & CEO:Marina Nadeeva, marinajunad

Developer: Boris Grit


Community. Access in closed Telegram community for creators and collectors for networking.

Events. Access to private events of our partners: VIP openings, premieres.

Consulting. Users support: free consultations on market making and online promotion.

Key opportunities: presenting innovative projects; scaling business; discussing ways to digitize entire industries, corporations as well as small and medium-sized businesses; supporting startups in attracting investment; demonstrating case studies on the practical application of digital technologies; raising funds; exporting your solutions to foreign markets; searching for partners; identifying opportunities and risks in the global digital repositioning.